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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Collaboration with a great company:

in the latest project we worked on, in collaboration with Octo Technologies (octo), it was about building a starter framework based on .net 2.0, C# and SQL Server 2005, using Team system as a development, integration and project management tool. this experience has shown how much experience Octo technologies has in Developing software. one of their specialities, is the concept of software factories, another is structure teams with the right combination of resources (of course, there is a lot more, but that's for the team we have met).
most of their writings are in french, I will summerize some of them. in my next post, I will make a short summary about team strcuture, and also about .net architecture. they have interesting white papers concerning methodologies and politics around information systems in .net and Java.

we'll talk about this when we meet.